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DeskCenter Solutions AG is one of the leading providers in the field of IT service & asset management software. Founded in 1997, their end-to-end solution helps organizations optimize their IT environments by delivering automated and centralized management, tracking, and monitoring of software and hardware assets.

DeskCenter Solutions AG prides itself on its scalable, easy-to-use IT infrastructure management solution for enterprises of all sizes. The organization’s software family offers complete automation of IT processes related to installations, transfers, updates, and deletions of digital equipment. In addition to pinpointing cost savings opportunities, DeskCenter Solutions AG’s software can help companies accurately estimate system usage and greatly reduce operational expenditures.

The company has also developed an intuitive SaaS platform that combines automation with a wide range of features and functions, including self-authorized access management, user rights management, and device reallocation. This platform is designed to streamline and secure service processes while providing users with greater control over their networks, devices, and applications.

For those looking for innovative and comprehensive IT solutions, DeskCenter Solutions AG offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet the needs of any organization. From asset discovery and discovery reporting to remote application installation and support services, DeskCenter Solutions AG provides a full suite of solutions that aim to improve efficiency through automated processes.

By securely managing IT environments while improving system usability, DeskCenter Solutions AG has become a preferred choice among enterprises seeking cost savings without sacrificing security. With 24/7 customer services in place along with localized language support around the world, DeskCenter Solutions AG allows users to access their fully integrated operations wherever they go.

Recently, DeskCenter Solutions AG, an internationally operating software company, released new solutions for companies in a variety of different industries. The focus of their solutions is to provide organizations with the IT tools needed to flourish. This includes the design and development of solutions aimed to improve the end-to-end experience of meetings, communication and collaboration.

DeskCenter Solutions AG has provided organizations with innovative solutions since 2002, when their principal office was established in Braunschweig, Germany. Since then, they have made innovation and customer service excellence their mission. Through its current product portfolio, DeskCenter Solutions AG offers enterprise file synchronisation and sharing solutions, as well as mobile solutions – making both enterprise communication tools as well as workflow systems available to customers worldwide.

Using a suite of pre-existing products and services, DeskCenter Solutions AG designs tailor made solutions for their customers depending on their individualized needs. This includes a “Starter Kit” – composed from the company’s base product which can be expanded depending on the customer’s individual requirements. Working with deskCenter Solutions AG also includes “on-premises” and cloud versions of their software providing customers with a choice of deployment options.

Given that deskCenter Solutions AG’s solutions are available for multiple different industries and sectors across international markets, it is no surprise that there are a diverse range of satisfied customers. From SMEs to larger organizations such as Siemens or Volkswagen – these businesses have all received the same level of excellent service that DeskCenters provides its customers with.

The success of DeskCenters Solutions AG can therefore be seen in the constantly shifting technological landscape they have managed to thrive in by continuously innovating their products and providing customer satisfaction on an international scale. It is likely that we will see further developments in the coming years from this impressive software company.

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