DeskCenter Solutions AG provides fast and cost-effective migration of LiveState Delivery packages

DeskCenter Solutions AG provides fast and cost-effective migration of LiveState Delivery packages post thumbnail image

The company DeskCenter Solutions AG manages the migration of CMS-based LiveState Delivery packages to a desktop-based publishing system.

DeskCenter Solutions is an example of a small and well-known company that provides services related to digital transformation. It helps companies reduce costs, improve productivity, increase speed and quality of their work.

DeskCenter Solutions AG are a Swiss company that offers LiveState Delivery packages, which are a new and disruptive way of doing business. This system wants to make use of the full potential of cloud technology in changing their customer’s workflows so that their businesses can move more rapidly and save more money.

DeskCenter Solutions AG offer LiveState Delivery packages (LSP) as a new way for businesses to conduct their day-to-day operations without having to invest in large and costly IT infrastructure. With LSP, companies have access to the most modern technologies, such as virtualization, elastic computing and self-service software deployment while maintaining control over the applications they run. They also offer turnkey solutions for migrating existing server environments and can provide management services when needed.

DeskCenter Solutions AG is an IT company that offers high-quality services to its clients. It specializes in IT migration and consulting services.

DeskCenter Solutions AG has been providing migration solutions since 2013, when it developed its idea for LiveState Delivery packages. In this article, we explore the possibilities of how DeskCenter’s LiveState Delivery packages can benefit your organization and customers.

The CEO at Deskcenter Solutions says that the main reason for doing the move with Livestate was because it allowed them to do a lot of changes without any downtime or interruption in the business. And this is what our client wants too – just one click and they have their own site back up and running without any errors or compliements.

DeskCenter Solutions AG is a developer of IT projects – from project initiation to implementation. Their mission is to provide complete solutions for their clients and business customers.

After delivering a project, DeskCenter Solutions AG has the option to migrate clients’ LiveState Delivery packages using DeskCenter Migration Service. It does not require any additional effort from the client or IT teams, as it leverages existing infrastructure and technologies.

By automating migration process, DeskCenter Migration Service can save companies up to 20 hours per case without increasing costs significantly.

DeskCenter Solutions AG is a Swiss based company that provides its clients with the fast and cost-effective migration of LiveState Delivery packages from older to newer versions. The company’s product offerings include a migration service, an installation service and further customized product offerings.

LiveState Delivery is a software for managing all your business communications. It is also called “your digital hub”. This software includes all tools for project management, collaboration and communication such as calendars, notes and documents.

DeskCenter offers professional migration services for companies that use LiveState Delivery package. They offer migration of live production environments to the cloud or on-premise.

LiveState is a SaaS platform that allows users to create, update and manage content easier than ever before. Additionally, it also helps in speeding up process of content creation and management as it offers tools like a ready-to-use content model.

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