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DeskCenter Solutions AG is a Hamburg-based company that has been providing office furniture and services since 1957. They are well known for their office furniture and room service in particular.

DeskCenter Solutions AG was founded in Hamburg, Germany by Heinz Schulte on July 23, 1957. After World War II, Schulte realized the need for a proper office environment to be able to work efficiently. He started the company with just one active customer – his own company at the time – and from then on Desk Center has been growing through many acquisitions.

The company is headquartered at the Rothenbaumchaussee in Hamburg’s city center, where it occupies 4 floors. In 2015, DeskCenter Solutions generated €1 billion in revenue with an annual growth rate of 18%.

DeskCenter Solutions AG (DCS) is a world leading enterprise software company that provides integrated and specialized software solutions to the logistics industry.

DeskCenter Solutions AG provides solutions for many industries such as Retail, Logistics, Transportation, and Manufacturing. The company has over 6,000 clients worldwide with over 1 million users on its solution platform.

DCN is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that includes modules for customer service, marketing automation, order management and reporting.

DeskCenter Solutions AG (CS) is a Swiss start-up company with offices in Berlin and Zurich. The company provides personalized workspace solutions to corporates, startups and the creative industry.

DeskCenter Solutions is unique in the sense that it not only provides desk space and office furniture, but also offers a wide range of services like collaborative workstations, quiet rooms, design services and food delivery.

The company was founded by Gunter Reiss in 2017 after his experience as an investor at Swiss Re where he had to constantly move around the globe due to business needs. DeskCenter Solutions was introduced as a solution for working on-the-go by providing stationary desks that can be assembled in different locations with minimal time consuming effort.

DeskCenter Solutions AG was founded in 1995 in Switzerland. They provide a desk and chair that is both ergonomic and user-friendly.

Deskcenter’s products are now often used throughout offices, hospitals, schools, hospitals, hotels, airports as well as by the military and security forces. They also have been awarded for their highly innovative products at the CES 2017 Innovation Awards

In order to maintain the quality of their products Deskcenter has over 400 employees worldwide including engineers, designers and product managers.

The company has grown significantly recently with a net turnover of 2.6 billion CHF (2.9 billion USD) in 2016.

DeskCenter Solutions AG is a Swiss company that provides office solutions for offices of all sizes.

Since the business has been founded in 2014, it’s been working to make its offices even more efficient and productive without sacrificing employee comfort. The company wanted to tackle this issue by offering sustainable solutions for the workplace. DeskCenter Solutions AG turns to technology that helps employees work better and be more productive at their desks.

DeskCenter Solutions AG uses an innovative solution called DeskCenter – a portable desk-like device that offers an ergonomic option for people who move around often during their work day, as well as an alternative to standing desks if they want to take breaks while they still have the option of sitting down. They also offer lounge chairs, standing desks and more space-saving furniture options like cubicles, meeting.

DeskCenter Solutions AG is a Swiss-based company that specializes in virtual desktop solutions. The company has a strong focus on providing solutions to people who work remotely. The name of the company itself is derived from its practice of giving customers the option to “work from anywhere.”

DeskCenter Solutions’ software allows users to attend conference calls, video conference calls, and meetings over their desktops or tablets with just one click. They also provide remote printing and sharing options for their offices in over 140 countries as well as various other features such as cloud storage and backup.

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